Cartnite Carts

Cartnite- A Vape Cartridge:

Cartnite cartridge is one of the fraudulent, illegitimate and fake vape cartridges. These vape cartridges advertise some famous strains including Mimosa, Diesel and others with premium flavor. Such vaping flavors lead to the lungs’ injuries and almost 2, 807 people are hospitalize dafter dangerous effects of vaping since 2020. In front of Cartnite carts, the pictures of famous characters and games are displayed. A popular example is Fortnite which is a video game released in 2017 having a number of registered players. Such fake cartridges have no license and are illegitimate.

Cartnite cartridges are represented by individual sellers with no company background. So they are purchased through illegal ways due to their fakeness and no company representation. Additionally, the pictures in front of these cartridges are displayed through illegal ways without permission of game’s creators or owners. Because the creators have no knowledge regarding these carts. If the owner has declared to make any partnership with the weed industry, the news channels and press stories must blast it all over the media. Moreover, these carts are not safe and illegitimate in a way that there is no website or brand tied to them unlike the original cartridges. The buyers have no way of getting information about them. Most often, the premium flavors contain many harmful chemicals that are not beneficial for human consumption because such carts are only available without reputable sources and licensed dispensaries. Hence, these are illegitimate and dangerous for the buyers.

The legitimate THC products have a sticker which contains information of lab data for different products . On such sticker, details of varying level of different batches of products regarding their pesticides residue, THC level and terpenes are mentioned. In case of Cartnite carts, customers do not found any sticker contain the content regarding CBD and THC on vapes’ packaging because these carts are fake and provide no lab data information for the product. The presence of certain dangerous products leads to bring almost 2000 people to hospitals among which almost 39 have been died. The illness due to such vaping cartridges causes severe damages in individual’s body as ill patients can only survive after double lung transplant.

In order to avoid such difficulties, you must not purchase such un testable, unlicensed and illegitimate cartridges especially by skipping the prefilled carts. The photos on Cartnite cartridge

shows that they have official original seal of California for the packaging of products. But on the licensing database of Bureau of Cannabis Control of state, there is no brand or website tied to Cartnite cartridges. The absence of vape brand on the listed database of licensed cannabis company of California shows that it is fake. Additionally, the absence of stickers containing product’s lab database information, company, website and the illegal use of Fortnite game’s pictures show the illegitimacy of Cartnite cartridges. Hence it is better for the customers to avoid such fake and dangerous carts at any cost.

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