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Lemonchello (cartnite)



Cartnite cartridges is a new brand of carts, Cartnite was founded in 2002 by Richard .M Bradley a cannabis connoisseur based in San Francisco California. Cartnites has some pretty famous strains such as Mimosa, Kanye west and other premium flavors. You can identify these vape carts with them having some famous gameplay and characters Infront of the packaging. A famous example is Fornite which is a video game released in 2017 having millions of registered users.

Although there are many speculations on the originality and legitimacy of cartnite carts, we are here to let you in on the legitimate information directly from the owner himself.  Cartnite carts are all lab tested and are free of pesticides like other fake vaping brands. Cartnite carts can be verified by the QR code which is printed on the top of the box, not in front or at the back but at the top and the reason you can’t find an official website is that the company has not been officially registered with the Bureau of Cannabis Control of state but that is been worked on by the owner. Runtz strain is one of the official distributors and also a license vendor of the cartnites brand.


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